Specialty Art - Fun Series

canvas prints and posters
canvas prints and posters
canvas prints and posters
canvas prints and posters
Fun Series Price
A1 Pop Art Photo Print $134.95
A2 Pop Art Photo Print $99.95
A3 Pop Art Photo Print $84.95
A1 Mosaic Photo Print $134.95
A2 Mosaic Photo Print $99.95
A3 Mosaic Photo Print $84.95
A1 Splash Photo Print $134.95
A2 Splash Photo Print $99.95
A3 Splash Photo Print $84.95
A1 Caricature Photo Print $134.95
A2 Caricature Photo Print $99.95
A3 Caricature Photo Print $84.95
18" x 18" Pop Art Canvas $209.90
18" x 24" Pop Art Canvas $229.90
12" x 18" Pop Art Canvas $189.90
8" x 12" Pop Art Canvas $129.95
18" x 18" Mosaic Canvas $209.90
18" x 24" Mosaic Canvas $229.90
12" x 18" Mosaic Canvas $189.90
8" x 12" Mosaic Canvas $129.95
18" x 18" Splash Canvas $209.90
18" x 24" Splash Canvas $229.90
12" x 18" Splash Canvas $189.90
8" x 12" Splash Canvas $129.95
18" x 18" Caricature Canvas $209.90
18" x 24" Caricature Canvas $229.90
12" x 18" Caricature Canvas $189.90
8" x 12" Caricature Canvas $129.95
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Photos on Canvas

We use the latest in Epson print technology to transfer your photographs onto canvas. We then stretch the canvas over a rigid pine frame to create a unique work of art for your home, bach or office. Canvas prints are the idea gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Gatherings, Christenings, Graduations, Leaving Presents and also good for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Valentines Day.

Durability with Epson Media and Epson UltraChrome™ K3 Ink

The combination of the Epson STYLUS� PRO 800 Series printers, Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink and Genuine Epson media delivers benefits that apply to any professional or commercial printing environment. The extensive design stages of all three key elements have focused on achieving perfect results from this unique combination. These results include:
  • Lightfastness ratings of up to 75 years* for colour and up to 200 years* for black-and-white prints
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Improved scratch resistance

    Perfect media-to-application matching for black-and-white photography, colour photography, creative and fine-art photography, commercial proofing and graphic design.
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