Top 10 Reasons to Use Windows XP Professional for Digital Photography

Reason 1 Quickly Transfer Photos from Your Camera to Your PC
With the Scanner and Camera Wizard in Windows XP, you can quickly transfer photos from your camera to your PC. No extra software is needed and it only takes two quick steps.

Reason 2 Centrally Manage Your Photos from One Place
My Pictures in Windows XP gives you a centralized place to manage your digital photos and perform the most common photo tasks. You can even select a picture and quickly set it to be your desktop background.

Reason 3 Easily Navigate and View Your Photo Collection
Navigating and viewing your photo collection is easy thanks to special viewing tools included with Windows XP. Folders of photos can be viewed as thumbnails, and the new Filmstrip view combines thumbnails with a large preview area making it easy to sort through your collection.

Reason 4 Optimize Your Photos for Sending in E–Mail
When you send photos in e–mail, you have the option to compress them to make the file smaller. This lets you include more photos in an e–mail message, and saves the recipient from the time-consuming download of large files.

Reason 5 Print Your Photos in Popular Formats
With the Photo Printing Wizard in Windows XP, you can print your photos in all the popular sizes – 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, even wallet prints.

Reason 6 Enjoy Slideshows of Your Photos
With a single click in My Pictures, you can turn a folder of photos into a full screen slideshow on your desktop.

Reason 7 Order Prints of Your Photos Online
With a single click in My Pictures, you can launch the Online Print Ordering Wizard which steps you through the process of ordering prints from vendors such as Ofoto, Shutterfly, or MSN Photos.

Reason 8 Publish Your Photos to the Web
With a single click in My Pictures, you can launch the Web Publishing Wizard which steps you through the process of publishing your photos to a Web site such as Xdrive or MSN Photos.

Reason 9 View, Add, and Delete Photos on Your Camera
When your camera is connected to the PC, you can view, add, and delete photos directly on the camera. This lets you free up space on your camera or quickly edit photos before transferring them to your PC.

Reason 10 Rotate Your Photos to Ensure the Correct View
Easily rotate your photos with one click and correct photos that are upside down or sideways.
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