Why are my images getting the chop
In the digital world, what you see is not always what you get. With control of the shape and size of an image now back in the photographers hands, prints that you get done by your professional photo service may not always be quite what you expected.
The challenge is to find a standard print size that will fit your image. But that sounds far too long winded for what virtually always ends up as being the issue of cropping.
Cropping, or the trimming of an image occurs when the image ratio and print ratio varies. Most of the historical print sizes (e.g. 6x4", 8x12") were designed to cope with prints from film cameras that take images at a 3:2 ratio. Most simple digital cameras take images at a ratio of 4:3, however most DSLR cameras take images at 3:2, hence an immediate problem for the digital enthusiast. Read more about photo sizes and ratios
In order to cope with this situation there are three alternatives as described below.

As standard FrogPrints will take the chosen print size, in this example a 6x4" photo, and fill it with the requested image (an image taken from a 4:3 digital camera). This unfortunately means that 6mm is cropped from the top and bottom of the photo. In most situations this is not a problem, but if your photos are particularly full frame, then you may lose the top of a loved ones head.

4:3 ratio Digital Camera photo printed at 6x4
No Crop
When specifically instructed, FrogPrints will Fit-in the whole image to the requested print size. In our example this means that the photo will have white blocks down two sides of the print and the size of the image will be reduced. This can be useful when you are struggling for quality, but not good when you want to frame the print in a standard sized frame. In future we hope to offer both square and panoramic sizes as standard.

4:3 ratio Digital Camera photo printed at 6x4  with FIT-IN specified
Exact Size
In some cases new print sizes have been created to cope with the needs of the growing number of digital camera users. The example shows our 4:3 ratio digital camera image fitting perfectly into a 6x4.5" photo. 5.33x4" (where available) and 8x6" are other exact print sizes for digital cameras, but there are as yet no standard larger print sizes to suit the 4:3 image ratio.

4:3 ratio Digital Camera photo printed at 6x4.5

Some of the standard print sizes are actually better suited to the new digital camera ratio. A 6x8" print is exactly the right ratio, a 5x7" print is not far off and an 8x10" print is better suited to digital than to film, so its not all bad news. If you have any requests for large prints runs of unusual sizes, please contact us to discuss.

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